Edmond Public Schools

Title I Family Engagement Policy


It is the purpose and intent of Edmond Public Schools, in a cooperative effort with parents, schools, and the community, to plan and implement Title I district and site programs to empower all students to succeed in a changing society.

We recognize the word “family” has several meanings. “Family” may include guardians and other family members involved in supervising the child’s education. Programs and practices will be established to meet the diverse needs, languages, and cultures of students and parents.

Elements of Effective Programs

Edmond Public Schools will hold meetings, including but not limited to an annual meeting, to which all parents of participating children are invited. Parent involvement programs will be coordinated and comprehensive in nature. Activities may include the following components of successful parent involvement programs based on the National PTA’s Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs:

  • Communication between home and school is regular, two-way, and meaningful. Effective home-school communication is the two-way sharing of meaningful information vital to student success. This two-way communication will occur in a variety of ways, such as; school visits, phone calls, parent conferences, report cards, and emails.
  • Responsible parenting is promoted and supported. Parents are a child’s first, and continue to be the most important teacher. Schools will work with community agencies to link parents to family support services and resources in the community.
  • Parents play an integral role in assisting student learning. Parents can be effective partners in helping to raise a student’s academic achievement and self-esteem. Schools will develop positive relationships and enlist the support of parents to develop a strong support system to help ensure academic success for each student.
  • Parents are welcome in the school, and their support and assistance are sought. Parents are welcome into the school and classrooms. Parents have a right to access educational records and vital information concerning their child’s strengths, challenges, and accomplishments. Capitalizing on the expertise and skills of the parents strengthens the family, school, and community.
  • Parents are full partners in the decisions that affect children and families. We are committed to involving parents in the decision-making processes. We will actively seek and enlist parent participation on issues such as curriculum, discipline policies, and overall reform measures.
  • Community resources are made available to strengthen school programs, family practices, and student learning. Schools are a vital part of every community. When they work together, both are strengthened in every aspect. Families have access to resources; businesses partner with schools to create programs that connect to the workplace; intergenerational programs support young and old working together; and students serve and learn beyond their school environment.

Professional Development

Edmond Public Schools recognizes the importance of setting expectations and creating a climate conducive to family engagement. We will provide professional development activities to teachers and staff in areas of communicating with families.

We will provide materials and training to help families work with their children to improve academic achievement. We will help families understand state and district standards, home-to-school activities in the subjects of reading and math, and Title I programs and services.

Commitment to Implementation

This policy will be made available to all families of Title I students. Support will be provided to families and teachers as they plan and implement effective parent involvement programs. Parents’ input into the design and implementation of the district policy is vital. School planning processes will include:

  1. A school/parent compact for teaching and learning.
  2. Parent participation in school improvement planning.
  3. Distribution of information related to school goals, academic content standards, and student progress measures

on performance and assessments.

  1. Implementation of proven strategies for engaging parents to support student learning.

Commitment to Evaluation

Edmond Public Schools ensures that parents will participate in an evaluation of the content and effect of this policy on the success of students. The evaluation will be used to improve and/or create practices to enhance parent involvement in education.

The District-Wide Family Engagement Policy was developed in 2005 and is updated annually. It has been revised jointly with and agreed on by teachers and parents of participating Title I students in the Edmond Public Schools. It will be made available to all parents of Title I students.