Sunset Philosophy

As an educational facility, our school must strive to help each student to gain a better understanding of his/her relationship to the world in which he/she lives, and can best do so by providing an opportunity for each student to attain the basic learning tools, including an open mind, the ability to question and evaluate, and the desire to improve upon that which is presently accepted.

With this in mind, our school will work to provide a balanced program of general education based upon the characteristics, needs, and future plans of the students being served. Our school will also follow the curriculum guidelines (P.A.S.S.) set by the Oklahoma State Department of Education and by our district’s additional expectations and specific curriculum document.

Students at Sunset will be exposed daily to the life principles of GREAT EXPECTATIONS. This character building will place emphasis on the following tenets. Approximately 90% of our teaching staff has been trained in this positive program.

Citizenship – behaving in a responsible manner as a citizen of a community

Commitment – the keeping of a promise or pledge

Common Sense – thinking before acting, using good judgment

Compassion – ability to share another’s feelings or ideas

Cooperation – working together

Courage – strength to act even when afraid or uncertain

Curiosity – the desire to learn, to explore, to investigate

Effort – doing your best in an endeavor

Flexibility – the ability to make adjustments or alter plans

Friendship – caring for and trusting one another

Honesty – truthfulness

Humanitarianism – helping other humans

Initiative – taking action, originating new ideas

Integrity – acting according to a sense of right and wrong

Justice – being fair, right, and upholding what is right

Loyalty – faithfulness to another

Patience – the ability to wait calmly

Perseverance – the ability to persist or continue striving to the end

Problem Solving – creating solutions, find answers

Respect – feeling honor

Responsibility – making the choice to be reliable and dependable

Self Discipline – the ability to choose and control one’s own actions

Service – giving of one’s time and energies to help others.