Summer Reading Challenge 2021

Many students and families regard summer break as just that—a break from school and classroom studies.  Unfortunately, it often means a break from reading, which can seriously hamper achievement in the classroom.  There’s a solid link between the amount of independent reading children do and their success in school.  Research shows that kids who never crack open a book during the summer often fall behind in reading—the notorious “summer slide”—while kids who read, maintain or  improve their reading and learning skills.

I invite you to support your child in the Sunset Summer Reading Challenge.  There are two levels of participation: 1) Adventurer completes a Public Library Reading program OR completes the activities on the challenge sheet.  2) Explorer participates in a Public Library Reading program AND at least 20 activities on the challenge sheet.

Return a signed challenge sheet by August 28th to your librarian in order to be eligible for prizes.  There are other summer reading challenges available! How many can you complete?

Sunset Summer Reading 2021

Metro Library Summer Reading Challenge

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Challenge