Students walking are expected to leave the school at dismissal time and go directly to their after-school location (home or sitter’s house). Students should not stop at a friend’s house to play without prior parental arrangements.

Bike Riders

Students may ride bicycles to school. Bikes should be walked on sidewalks and across crosswalks and parked in the bike racks located on the south side of the school. Students should not be around the bike area except to put away or pick up their bikes.

The school will make every effort to safeguard bicycles, but cannot assume responsibility for them. It is strongly recommended that locks be used to secure bikes. Locks are not provided by the school.

Bus Riders

Elementary students are eligible for transportation services if they live one mile or more from the school by commonly traveled roads. Students may ride only their regularly assigned bus and get off at their regularly assigned stop unless emergency arrangements have been made through the Director of Transportation. Food, gum, and soft drinks are prohibited on the bus. Damage to seats and other equipment must be paid for by the offender. Students are permitted to ride the bus as long as they abide by the bus rules they receive at the beginning of the year. Students should always get off at their bus stop and report home before going to a friend’s house to play. Students with three bus offenses will be unable to ride the bus.

Buses will pick-up and drop-off students on 9th Street. City “No Parking” signs exist to keep these areas open.

The Transportation Department can be reached at 405-340-2962.

Day Care

Our commercial day care vans and cars may pick-up and drop-off students on the south side of the building on 9th streets. This is not for child and others private/home daycare or after-school babysitting.

Car Riders

A plan designed to insure greater student safety and facilitate a smoother traffic flow  around Sunset’s building.

Parents who wish to drop off or pick up their children should use the parking area at the front of the building off of 8th Street. The lane adjacent to the curb is designated as a LOADING ZONE only. Those who need to wait for extended periods of time or need to leave their vehicles should pull into one of the designated diagonal parking spaces or should park along 8th Street. 

The 9th Street side of the building is restricted to bus loading only. PLEASE DO NOT PICK UP CAR RIDERS IN BACK OF OUR SCHOOL OR OFF OTHER CITY STREETS! This interferes with our bus loading and day care traffic, and can be dangerous to your child and others.