Last month we told you about the district competition between the elementary schools. Our Sunset students have been working so hard and it has paid off.


January is: Sunset vs Northern Hills

Our competition was much more intense for the month of December and is even tougher this month! Parents, we are counting on you to help us get to the finals!

We are asking for 20 minutes each day on IXL. It’s such a short amount of time AND it is a great learning program to support your child in Reading and Math skills!

We set a school goal when we began this contest that we would answer ONE MILLION questions and I am so proud to say THAT WE HAVE SURPASSED THAT GOAL!!!!!!

No doubt that we are well on our way to winning this contest. We have the best students in Edmond!

New goal = 1,500,00 questions answered by February 26th!

We will celebrate with a Glow Dance Party once we reach this goal!!

Thank you parents for all your encouragement at home.

Let’s work together and WIN!!!


IXL bracket