Kids’ Cove: Before and After Care


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We welcome you and your child to the Sunset & Edmond Public Schools Before / After School Program. Our goal is to provide a safe, healthy, and fun environment while striving to meet the needs of your child. We hope to offer activities that will keep your child active and interested. The program is staffed primarily by Edmond Public Schools faculty / staff. The program provides service to children grades PK-5th, currently enrolled at this site. We reserve the right to limit the number of children admitted to our Before! After School Program due to safety and amount of building space.

Payments Monthly payment may be made in advance or at the beginning of each month. All weekly payments are due on WEDNESDAY or the first day your child is here. A late payment fee of $15 will be charged if payment has not been received by Thursday at 6 pm. Payment must be for the scheduled days and times you have enrolled. Refunds and/or reductions will not be made for illnesses, absences, and other activities. You are charged for the number of days you signed up. Payment can be made with check, online, or also with cash. When writing a check, please write the dates you are paying for on the memo line and your child’s name. In the event school is closed, due to a holiday, snow day, etc., you will not be charged for that day. For example, if your child is enrolled 5 days and school is only open 4 days you will be charged the 4 day rate on the payment scale for that week. We will not pro-rate fees. Please make all checks payable to Sunset Elementary. Please see the forms on the left of the page. All appropriate forms must be filled out for enrollment.

Rates for Grades 1st-5th

#of Days Before Only After Only Before & After Care
5 $46 $80 $105
4 $40 $69 $93
3 $32 $56 $76
2 $25 $43 $55
1 $14 $25 $35

Rates for Pre-K and Kindergarten

#of   Days Before Only After Only Before & After Care
5 $51 $85 $111
4 $44 $74 $97
3 $35 $59 $79
2 $27 $45 $57
1 $15 $26 $37

Hours of Operation:

7:15-8:20 a.m. 3:45-5:40 p.m.

Children may begin arriving at 7:15 a.m. Children are to be picked up by 5:40 p. m. A late fee of $1 per minute will be charged for any children remaining after 5:40 p.m. The late fee will be due at the time the child is picked up. The program runs in conjunction with the Edmond Public School’s academic calendar. We are closed during all scheduled breaks. (i.e. holidays, spring break, snow days, etc.)


For safety purposes, it is imperative we can account for your child at all times in which they are enrolled. You must notify the director in the event your child is absent or leaves school early. You are responsible for paying for all days your child is enrolled, regardless of absences.

COVID-19 Exception:


Normally, if a child is absent for any reason, tuition is due based on the attendance plan in which the child was originally enrolled.  This year, due to covid quarantining requirements, you will not be charged for the days that your child is required to quarantine or is required to be learning from home in the “brick to click” model.  Make sure to communicate with a b/a care director so tuition can be adjusted and the absence is known in a timely manner.

Signing In/Out:

For your peace of mind and the safety of your child, all children must be signed in and out by parents, or a person you have authorized and listed on the enrollment sheet. Children will not be released without your authorization and appropriate identification. Older children may not sign themselves in or out!


A nutritious snack will be served each day. Please let us know if your child has any food allergies.


The program will provide time for homework, large motor play, arts & crafts, games, and computers. When weather permits, the children will be allowed to play outside utilizing the school’s playground equipment.

Homework tables / areas will be provided for students to work on assignments. Students will be assisted with homework, but there is not a “tutoring / teaching” session. It is the child’s responsibility to complete homework.


In order to provide your child with appropriate and safe care, we have established discipline procedures.

1.The parents will be contacted when there are behavior problems.

2. Should the behavior continue, the parent will be contacted to pick the child up early.

3. If the behavior does not stop, the child will be dismissed from the program.

In Case of Emergencies:

If a child should become ill, with a fever or anything we feel could be detrimental to the child or other children, we will notify a parent to pick up their child immediately. If any of your contact numbers should change during the school year, please notify the director so our records stay current. We need to be able to contact you at all times and in case of an emergency. 



Payments can be made online through InTouch Receipting.