Others Before Me Week

April 22nd – 26th

Students and faculty of Sunset Elementary recently participated in community giving that we called our “Others Before Me Week.”

What was our purpose?

  • Giving back to our community;
  • Being a good citizen;
  • Helping others in need;
  • Makes our hearts happy;
  • Putting Others Before You makes you a CHAMPION at Sunset.

Who did we decide to help in our community?

Pine Pantry Bradford Village – Edmond, OK


Newspaper Article


What did we ask our students and faculty to do to help the Pine Pantry and Edmond community?

Monday, April 22nd 

  • Watch video and read article to understand the Pine Pantry;
  • Make lists of what Others Before Me looks like in all areas;
  • Write a letter home to parents;
  • Make lists of food items and non-perishable items we could bring;
  • Decorate grade level box;
  • Make signs to hang around the school, in the cafeteria and on the playground.

Tuesday, April 23rd

Bring ONE food item for the Pine Pantry from the list you made:

  • Which grade level will bring the MOST food??
  • Fill the BOX!

Write encouraging notes to the Pine Pantry founders.

Wednesday, April 24th 

Bring $1.00 to help support the Pine Pantry.

  • Which grade level will raise the most money?

Paint encouraging rocks to leave around the Pine Pantry box.

Thursday, April 25th

Bring one small toiletry item from the list.

  • Which grade level will bring the most items?

Make grade level banners to hang at school and take to the pantry.

Friday, April 26th

Drawing for Field Trip to the Pine Pantry in Edmond:

  • Take rocks, posters, food and money;
  • 1 students from each class – 1st – 5th;
  • Students earn one ticket every time they donate;
  • Drawing;
  • Field Trip on Tuesday, April 30th.

How did we do?

  • We collected nearly 2000 food items;
  • We collected $888.30 on our $1 day;
  • We collected 1,374 toiletry items.

    pine pantry field trip participants