From the Desk of Dr. McDaniel

May is here and we are in our final month of school! What a great year we have had. We hope your child has enjoyed their year as much as we have enjoyed them.

May is filled with several events so please make sure to look at the May Dates to Remember below. We don’t want you to miss out on any of the fun activities.

Over the Summer break keep an eye out for learning opportunities for your child. The public library has a great Summer reading program! You can also purchase Summer Bridge books at Mardel that will help you work on math, reading, science and social studies skills with your child. There is also lots of cards games, dice games and flash cards that you can play with your children as well. There are so many fun ways to keep your children engaged and learning even over the Summer.

Spring Weather Policy

Dear Sunset Families,

Spring has finally made its debut and with its arrival comes the potential for severe weather. This letter is to make you aware of the district’s severe weather procedures and provide you more information about our sheltering capabilities at Sunset Elementary School.

Edmond Public School students and staff take shelter when a tornado warning is issued or the city tornado sirens are activated in the vicinity during school hours. Students remain sheltered until the “all-clear” is given by the district office.

At Sunset, students and non-essential staff shelter in the media center. In the event of a high risk weather day Pre-K will be brought to the main building to proceed with their day in the media center allowing them to shelter if needed. Threatening weather that approaches at the end of the school day can present additional challenges. If a tornado warning is in place at dismissal time, we will not release students to go home until the “all-clear” is given by the district’s safety director. Buses will be held and will not be in transit when there is immediate pending severe weather. If a tornado watch is in place at dismissal time, students will be released and sent home and buses will run.

Attendance Considerations:

Because the district has so many safe rooms (22 total with 14 built since the 2013 Moore tornado), we do not cancel school when severe weather is threatened. If you choose to keep your child(ren) home or check them out early due to weather conditions, please be advised that attendance requirements remain in place. You may contact the school to report your child(ren)’s excused absence. At the high schools, such absences are recorded and included in the count for test exemptions.

Additionally, please be advised that Edmond school buildings are not public storm shelters. The Central Oklahoma Emergency Management Association recommends that a personal storm shelter is the best option to protect you and your family during threatening weather.

Considerable time and effort go into conducting weather drills during the school year to prepare students and staff should weather become threatening. We want to assure you that the safety of your children is of utmost importance.


Dr. Kartina McDaniel

Sunset Elementary School

Start Small, Then Grow

Testing, starting a project, learning music… they all start with the smallest thing. Just try it. Find what you love, get a broom, start cleaning and get your rhythm on!-Mr. Relland, Music

Library Info

Before we know it the end of the school year will be here. The library will start limited services on May 13th; which means that students will still have library classes but will not be checking out books. All library books are due back by May 10th. This allows the library staff time to collect all of the books and complete our annual inventory. If your child has lost a book and you have been receiving emails on Monday mornings then please do your best to help your child to find the lost book or pay the fine at If you are unable to pay then please contact Mrs. Hallmark at (405)726-3815 or by email at The fine for a lost book continues with them each year and into middle school.

A librarian from the Metropolitan Library of Edmond is coming to Sunset on May 17th to share information with Sunset students about their Summer Reading Program. Be looking for this information to come home in Thursday folders. Also, all Sunset students are encouraged to participate in the Edmond Public Schools Library Challenge. This information will be sent home in a Thursday folder as well.

Let’s keep our children reading!

Mrs. Hallmark

Mrs. Moore

PE & HEALTH- Favorite Games / Summer Safety

During May, we will be playing some of our favorite games from the year in PE. Students will utilize the skills learned throughout the year to engage in various games. The muscle of the month this month is obliques.This months Health unit is Summer Safety. We will discuss the various ways to remain safe throughout the summer, including water safety.


Friday, May 17th, 9am

400 West 8th Street

Edmond, OK

Come enjoy our annual game day with your child on Friday, May 17, 2019. We will have inflatables, various track and field themed activities, and Kona Ice. You won’t want to miss this amazing event!


April showers bring May flowers…and ICE CREAM!! Freshtastix Cafe is having a great time with our Friday Treat Days! Our friends are really enjoying all the yummy treats that they are able to purchase now! Whether it’s a Rice Krispie Treat or some cool ice cream, this is the perfect weather for it! Each Friday until the end of this school year, please enjoy these ala carte items for only $1 per item! Students like to purchase multiple items for themselves. Please remind your students that they cannot take any food from the cafeteria at any time. Healthy habits create a healthy lifestyle! Thank you all for a glorious 2018-2019 school year! Have a GREAT SUMMER!


Parents please remember that Elementary Students are not allowed to wear extreme hair colors or styles which may be disruptive to the learning environment. This includes all temporary hair dye. The students hair color must be a color that is naturally occurring. If you have any questions about the school policies you may find them on the following link.

Title I Team

Title I Team

Summer will be here before you know it! What are your plans to keep your child’s brain engaged and learning during the summer? Look out for notes coming home regarding Summer programming offered by the district. There is Title I Summer School for selected K-2 reading students who qualify, RSA Summer School for 3rd graders who qualify, and Enrichment Summer School with classes with hands-on activities, art, drama, robotics, ipads and STEM! If none of these options will work for your family, the Edmond Public Library has great programs for Summer Reading with great prizes and icentives! Start making plans now to READ, READ, READ this Summer!
Your Title I Team,Rebecca Miller, Tim Moriarity, Scotti Wilson, and Cindy Kincaid

May Dates to Remember

May 3rd – Cinco De Mayo family picnic

May 6th – 10th – Teacher Appreciation Week

May 7th – Fourth Grade Field Trip

May 9th – Second Grade Field Trip

May 9th – Adventure Dash Fun Run

May 13th – Third Grade Field Trip

May 17th – Game Day

May 22nd – 5th Grade Promotion


We can always use help with our many activities. If you are able to volunteer please contact Ashley at 405-340-2990 or email her at

Adventure Dash Fun Run

Adventure Dash Fun Run

Beginning May 1st – May 9th Sunset will participate in the Adventure Dash Fun Run. Adventure Dash uses fun-filled, age appropriate obstacle courses as a way to show students that no obstacle is too hard to overcome when trying to achieve a goal. We are working to raise money to repair or replace the spinning tree on our playground. May 1st – May 8th the kids will work on getting pledges from their family and friends and then on May 9th they will run the obstacle course. If you have not already signed your child up please take a minute to do so from the link posted below. Both the students and classrooms have set goals that they are working toward. The best way to achieve these goals are for all the students to be signed up and participating.

Counselor’s Corner

Below are a list of resources that you may find useful over the Summer.

Project 66: The Project 66 Food & Resource Center is a faith-based, 501-c3 nonprofit that provides food and resources to people who are facing food insecurity in Edmond, Arcadia, Jones, and Luther, Oklahoma.

Call SAM: Edmond Public Schools partners with Mercy Hospital to offer a 24-hour-a-day hotline CallSAM (1-855-225-2726) to assist staff, students and their families with behavioral health issues such as suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, depression, anxiety and numerous other issues. **Licensed mental health providers staff the hotline and all calls are confidential.

Hope Center of EdmondHOPE Center has been providing assistance to members of the Edmond Community since 1984. Our name is our mission – it stands for Helping Our People in Emergencies. Our mission is to meet the basic needs of the people in our community who are having personal emergencies or crisis.