January 2019 Newsletter

From the desk of Dr. McDaniel

Happy New Year – 2019!! I hope you all had a wonderful winter break! Can you believe this is the beginning of the 3rd Quarter! Report Cards will be available in Infinite Campus today, Thursday, January 10th. You will need access to your parent portal to view your child’s report card.#thinkbeforeyoupost is a district-wide campaign for all of our EPS family! The district is working closely with EPD to educate middle and high school students on the important implications of social media. We are also aware that our elementary students are vulnerable and want to raise awareness for them too! Thank you for taking a moment to talk to your child about their digital footprints!

I hope you have a safe and happy new year. I’m looking forward to the upcoming months and all the exciting things we have in store.



Edmond Public Schools is beginning the New Year with an initiative aimed at raising awareness among students and families of the ills that lurk within and beyond the screens of social media.

The goal of the district’s #ThinkBeforeYouPost initiative is to educate students and parents about the serious consequences that can arise as a result of posting and/or reposting hoax threats, obscene photos of themselves or others, or hate speech and bullying. In recent months, Edmond has seen a significant rise in the number of erroneous social media posts, especially ones regarding school safety. Each post had to be fully investigated to determine its credibility.

“The investigations, which often extend well beyond the school day, consume administrators’ time and attention, drain law enforcement resources and create unwarranted anxiety and panic for parents,” said Associate Superintendent Dr. Debbie Bendick.

The district is partnering with the Edmond Police Department to present the message to students. Officers will visit all six middle schools in the district between Jan. 14-25 to speak to students about their digital footprint, how to responsibly report any safety concerns they may see on social media and the repercussions of posting or reposting false information.

“It is very important to understand that sharing legitimate information about a potentially unsafe situation is welcome and we never want to prevent that,” said School Resource Officer Supervisor Derick Pickard. “However, when someone changes, embellishes, or fabricates information it can have serious consequences that can include criminal charges.”

Edmond’s campaign mirrors the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s hashtag campaign which was launched last year after the FBI experienced a spike in hoax threats in the aftermath of tragic shootings such as the one at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. Resources from the F.B.I. hashtag campaign, as well as other educational materials about social media use, will be posted to the district’s website, www.edmondschools.net.

Parents and students will also see the hashtag displayed on school marquees, social media platforms and websites. Secondary site administrators will also be wearing T-shirts with the hashtag, which were created and donated by the Edmond Public Schools Foundation.

“We hope the visibility of the campaign will encourage parents and guardians to talk to their children about the appropriate use of their personal devices and the social media tools and apps available to them. We take very seriously the safety of our students and hope that this initiative will enhance the partnership we enjoy with our students’ parents as we work together to preserve their children’s innocence and protect their futures,” added Bendick.

Sunset News

CHAMPS at Sunset


We have implemented some exciting new lunch and recess procedures this Quarter. Make sure to ask your child about the new cafeteria procedures AND ask them what their favorite recess band color is and why. Our goal is to encourage students to find new friends, explore different areas of the playground and explore new games to play. It also helps monitoring the playground more effective.

Please keep encouraging your child to work toward receiving champ slips. It takes us all working together to keep the kids motivated and encouraged.

Important Attendance Information

Please read this Attendance Letter

Parent Academy #2: Night of Stories

Parent Academy #2: Night of Stories

Save the Date! Our 2nd Parent Academy is coming up February 21st! We are calling it “Night of Stories.” Do you have a story about a teacher or experience at Sunset that has really changed your family for the better? We would love for you to share that with us so we can possibly share it at our Night of Stories. During this night, Sunset Teachers and Staff and some District Personnell will also be sharing their favorite Children’s books. We will also be sharing some reading strategies you can do at home with your children. It will be a fun night of reading!

Click Here to Share Your Story

Do you have a story about how Sunset has made a positive impact on your family? Please share your story and we would love to compile these stories and share them at our upcoming parent night “Night of Stories!”

PE & HEALTH – Throw and Catch Unit & My Plate –

This month in PE we will begin our Throw and Catch Unit to prepare for our sports unit coming up. Students will learn to throw and catch various types of balls. They will also practice aiming at various targets. The muscle of the month this month is the hamstring. The words of the month are topple, accuracy, retrieve, opposite, and absorption.In health we will be learning about My plate, and healthy eating. Students will engage in interactive stations that teach them about how to make healthy food choices, and the consequences of unhealthy eating. Words of the month include grain, protein, vegetable, fruit, dairy, and food label.

Winter in Music

For our 2nd semester, we move students to some new experiences:1st grade prepares for a program using drums, xylophones and singing (and maybe dancing, too!)

2nd moves to learning boomwhackers (check them out in the below video)

3rd starts reading music with their recorders and using boomwhackers

4th switches from xylophone to drum circle

5th moves from drums to xylophones

Library Adventures

Happy New Year!

At Sunset we encourage students to read 20 minutes each day at home. This helps our students to develop appropriate reading skills such as fluency, comprehension and a wide vocabulary. Some students are more eager for this task than others. Having trouble getting your child to read at home? Try these tips.

1. Create a fun reading space.

2. Show your child that reading is everywhere: menus, street signs, movie titles, etc.

3. Set an example.

4. Make connections between reading and real life.

5. Keep books at your house.

6. Visit the local library.

7. Talk about what your child is reading.

8. Expose them to different genres.

9. Ask your child’s teacher about their reading needs.

10. Read to them each night.

Let’s keep our kids reading!

Mrs. Hallmark

Mrs. Moore

Counseling Corner

5 Reasons a Daily Routine is Important for Your Child

1. Helps your child get on a schedule & establish healthy habits. Consistent routines will help your child with day-to day activities such as morning and bedtime routines.

2. Bonds the family together; provides opportunity for special daily rituals such as reading to your child before bedtime.

3. Establishes expectations within the home; minimize power struggles when your child knows what to expect.

4. Creates a calmer household; stress and anxiety are lowered when family members know what to expect due to routines.

5. Gives your child confidence and independence; once a child has an established routine they can function more independently and with confidence.

Routines in the home will provide your child with a sense of safety and security. When implementing new routines be sure to set clear expectations, practice patience and use flexibility as you work toward consistency.

Happy New Year!!

Tracy Hull, M.Ed., LPC, RPT

Sunset Elementary School Counselor


WELCOME to 2019! We had an amazing 2018 in the Freshtastix Kitchen! We are all looking forward to this new year! With a new year, comes new hopes and new dreams! This is a great opportunity to step out on the right path of nutrition! Remember to drink plenty of water each and every day. You want to always stay hydrated, especially is these cold, dry, winter months! Even though the weather outside may be frightful, take some delight and get a few rays of sunshine whenever you can! Our bodies need vitamin C all throughout the year! The part of the sun’s rays that is important to us, is the ultraviolet B (UVB rays). Choose fruits and vegetables that are in season. Apples, grapefruit, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, brussel sprout, cauliflower and mandarin oranges are all seasonable, plus: they are yummy to munch on! Don’t forget to stop in and visit us during breakfast or at lunch! We love visitors and we know our little friends like having family and guests come to eat with them! Have a GREAT JANUARY!!!!

Have you Logged Into Clever?

You can now access many programs we use at school AT HOME now through your child’s Clever account. Click the button above, log into Clever, and your child can access Imagine Language & Literacy, Benchmark Reading, Bridges Math, Typing & More!

Low Cost Internet Options

Click on the button above to find out more about some low cost home internet options for those who qualify.



Yearbooks are now on sale. You can go to www.yearbookordercenter.com and use Sunset School code 14978 to order online. You may also bring cash, check or money order to the office to order a yearbook as well. The cost is $20.00 per book from now through Feb 28th. March 1st the books will go up to $25.00.

You may also go to www.yearbookordercenter.com and enter the school code to upload any pictures you may have taken at school events. We will be sorting through and using some pictures to help make the yearbook spectacular. Due to space constraints we may not be able to use all the pictures submitted. We look forward to seeing all your wonderful shots of our awesome kids. If you have any questions you may call us at 405-340-2990.