Best of Books is kicking off a new program called “Bodacious BOB’s Book Drive” to help public school libraries. 
Because of state budget issues, public school libraries are in need of new books. These books are especially important because scientific studies are showing reading actual books can help improve learning and retention significantly. The BBB Drive will seek to donate new books to a public school library monthly, so more children can have access to the latest books. 
Public school libraries will be selected each month to receive at least $250 in books. Other new books, including ones donated by authors or provided by Best of Books, will also be included in the donation. 
Best of Books, an independent bookstore in Edmond, will select a public school library based on need, or a school library can apply for books. The monthly donation program would be for public school libraries in Edmond, Oklahoma City, the metro area or Oklahoma. 
Sunset Elementary School in Edmond was the first recipient in September with at least $300 in books donated to its library. 
Companies or other individuals also can sponsor a school and/or author event to provide books for students and include those in the monthly donation. If you or your company would like to participate, please contact Nan Hight at Best of Books at 405-340-9202. Authors wishing to donate books also can contact Best of Books to donate their books.
If you have any questions or would like to nominate a school, please email or call 405-340-9202.